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The Driving Service

The Driving Service Price

From Fes


Sahara Desert (Merzouga)

If you come to Morocco,you have to go to Sahara!

It's takes about 8 hours from Fes by a car.It's one way trip price.

You can choose a place to get off.Price varies depending on where you get off.

Recommended for those wishing to visit Morocco freely, including the desert.

Very popularity place
From Fes



It's very famous city as the blu can see a beautiful scenery and will spend calm time.

It's takes about 5 hours from Fes by a car.It's one way price.

Recommended if you want to use it on one way. 

The Driving Service Price 

From Fes To Chefchaouen   ------DH1,300
From Fes To Meknes            ------DH1,000
From Fes To Sahara Desert  ------DH3,000〜
From Casabranca To Fes     -------DH2,000
From Fes To Casabranca     -------DH2,000
From Fes To Rabat               -------DH1,500
From Fes City To Fes Airport    ---DH200
From Fes to Marrakech    ------DH3,200
From Casabranca Via Chefchauen To Fes    
From Fes Via Chefchauen To Tanger   

※One way.Discount will be applied for round trip use on the day.

※The car can take up to 6 people. However, when there are a lot of baggage, this is not the limit.

※Prices will be changed during the New Year's holidays and high season.

 and anywhere you want!
 Please contact us.
fes fez フェズ フェス


Please write
・the date
・the location where you want to go
・number of people
and send us message.
We will respond to within 24 hours.

Thank you for yourmassage!

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